It’s late (by like 2 weeks, my bad!) but here’s my first natural hair vid! Here’s my wash day regime & an “umbrella style” flat twist out. Hope you like!

Day 1

-I didn’t have time to take the twists down before work so I wore this scarf tied as a turban


Day 2

-I liked the look of my twists pinned to the side so I chose a different scarf & this time let that little bit show


Day 3

-unraveled the twists & they came out as golden coils!! LOVE!!!


Day 4

-I f-ed up the style by “refreshing my curls” with my spray bottle forgetting there was water in there. Smh.



-that night I twisted it like this using olive oil hair gel & let it set the next day


Day 6

-unraveled the twists & got this! I like!




What do you think? Got any hair tips you’d like to share? Comment below or @ me @BlondiesLipstk! Your tips could be featured here!

More hairstyle vids to come!


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