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Join premier artist, Jermaine Clark, at Doo Gallery (205 Holtclaw St. SE Atlanta, GA 30316) on Saturday March 23rd for his solo art exhibit “Untitled“.  This is a FREE event and everyone is welcome…please RSVP here.
Music provided by DJ Mosiah

Free refreshments all night long

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Meaning of “Untitled”

This show is about all the work I’ve done in the passed year. It’s a timeline of my thought process and where I’ve been mentally. When you give things titles, there has to be a theme/concept based around it.  It’s necessary especially in art, but there’s going to be pieces in the show that have nothing to do with each other, or may not even relate. I want this show to be more about the collective. I want people to look at each piece as an individual and let their minds wonder what mental or emotional state I may have been in at that particular time. There will definitely be more conceptual shows, but for right now, this is a celebration of the collective works of Jermaine Clark the “artist”

-Jermaine Clark

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