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In a previous article from 2012 I wrote these words:


My definition of personal growth consists of finding out who you really are and the person you are destined to become. It’s not easy to do of course and this definitely takes time. In order to experience personal growth you will find that some people in your life will be left behind. Not everyone will want to grow up and put childish things aside, this is where you must separate yourself in order to find yourself. Your road to success should involve only those who desire to be successful as well. People who deal with drama, hate, and negative attitudes should be politely dismissed from your social atmosphere. God did not create us in a package, we were all made separately, and separation as we all know is a part of life.”


Now in year 2013 I still agree with my previous statement and I have grown even more than before. I have learned to keep to myself and possibly a small number of people. I contact my loved ones on a regular basis. Well, I definitely try to. I socialize at work, keeping that to a minimum. Other than that I tend to keep to myself, focusing on establishing a relationship with my man. Also, I’m working on continuously nurturing my relationship with God.


It’s not about cutting people off or changing who you are. It’s about growing and transitioning, two things that we must go through in order to progress in life. The people in your life have to understand your mental grow. If they do not want to even try to understand you have to let them go. In time when they experience the same or similar phase in life they will then understand. Your mental growth is vital to the adulthood phase. During this stage in life you should have solid goals and plans to reach those goals. You should know the person that you are and the things you want in life. Having a 5 year plan can also help the transition be a smooth one.

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