I have no idea where it started but for some reason we’ve become fascinated with being a “bad bitch”. I mean we could blame Trina for calling herself “The baddest b****” but she’s been saying that since the late 90’s & this is a more recent phenomenon.

Now I’m not gonna lie, I have tossed it around with my friends in a “Ooh b****!!! You better work!!” meant entirely as a compliment but even with the most excitement I feel a sting from the b**** part when it’s said back to me. I think when I hear it, in the back of my mind I’m picturing a Shenehneh like character that uses her physical appearance to get what she wants & doesn’t complete her night without acting a fool in public.

Shenehneh Jenkins

Before you judge I’m far from stuck up but my friends can tell you I’m not one for unnecessary attention in public. I do not hesitate to leave a “ratchet” situation in a heartbeat! lol!

But this ain’t about me! The original question is “What makes a bad bitch?” I’m thinking Shenehneh is isn’t far off  . . . I believe the guys at Dormtainment have the right idea.

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Like any other phrase “bad b****” is open to interpretation, but how bad do yo want to be one? Ponder on that & think about this:


I Love me some Lupe!!


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