I guess Imma need some batteries for winter!

Get your minds out of the gutter! Thanks to Future & that crisp chill outside “I’m looking for ’em with a flashlight” is the lips of pretty much every single person anywhere! Yep, it’s cuffing season folks & being in the single boat myself I gotta say it’s starting to get to me!! & I blame the media!

Normally my year starts off with me single, working on me & making myself happy. By spring I’m still making me happy but I’m focused on staying single so I can freely mingle during the summer. Fall comes around & I’m still happy but all of a sudden the “boo applications” & “booty call guidelines” along with the National Boyfriend Day & all the ‘you-need-a-significant-other-to-enjoy-winter’ holiday crap advertising companies stuff down our throats before Halloween even rolls around has me looking around with the rage comics “forever alone” face. . . .

forever alone


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