Mm hm. & yes, I’m still on a hat kick from the last posts. Lol!
Snapbacks & sneaks bring out my inner tomboy (not so much the sneakers, I’m still a “heels can go with everything” type of girl. Lol!) I’ve always loved hats but have became more of a collector because I could never find the right occasion to wear them. Notice the past tense in that cause now a days I can’t get enough of em!!
2 lines that have my complete attention in the hat game are below. Don’t let the fly surprise you, I picked em for a reason!!

Faceguard Clothing Co.

THIS JUST IN!!!! Faceguard Clothing, Co. snapbacks are in!! The company’s IG page @FaceguardClothing posted they would be released soon & the wait is over!! They’re going fast so order NOW!!!image


BellaDonna HB

Think BellaDonna jus makes one of a kind handbags? Well think again! With this new line, designer @DamierHippie not only released a new batch of must have batch of clutch bags but also introduced an AKA v-neck tee (Skee-Wee one time! lol!) and a line of snapbacks that speak for themselves


I like that these make a statement but keep it simple, a huge plus in my book! Both lines recently (& by recently I’m talking this past weekend!) released these so be one of the first to get yours!!

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