If you’ve been out to the club, have been up on your twerk music or owned a radio in the past few months then you’ve heard the smash hit “Smart Girl, Dumb Booty” by Tex James ft B.O.B. & Stuey Rock. Now I’ve had my crazy fun,wear flat or take off your heels, dance til you sweat out ya perm club days & they are long gone! lol! Now a days it’s not many songs that’ll make me wanna “drop it like this, drop it like this girl!!” but this is definitely one of em!! I especially like this song because Tex James reps the 478 & is a dj at 97.9WIBB, a local radio station of which I am a regular listener. A few days ago he released the official video, check it out

[youtube http://youtu.be/15XRva2OW9g]

I’m sure Tex James has some more hits on the way & I can’t wait to hear em! Blondie & the 478 got yo back bruh! *Muah!*

Follow him @TexJames


**Also, about the title, I’m very smart but booty’s not big, does that mean mine is more intelligent than the booties he’s rapping about? lol!

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