I’m not one to talk about my problems, things that are bothering me or things I’ve overcome, but something told me I needed to share this with you guys.

On this day last year, around 10pm I put my life in danger and not for the thrill of trick or treating.


I have no reason to lie to y’all so here goes:

I was hanging out with some friends at a bar downtown, got a lil tipsy but I was good! On the drive home I was doing my regular tipsy driving routine- radio blasting, windows down & occasionally texting. The highway was 3 lanes & thanks to my phone every time I checked it I ended up crossing over. What happened next I don’t entirely recall but apparently the last text took my attention away so much that crossed over all 3 lanes, lost control of my car going 60mph, it slid into a ditch & finally stopped when the car ended up on its side.

Terrified & in shock, I tried to open my door but they wouldn’t unlock. I rolled down the window & 2 good samaritans are sliding down the ditch rushing to my rescue. Both women had just gotten off work, one helped me out of the window while the other called 911. They waited with me until my parents, the fire department & police came.

I’m so blessed to have survived that night! So many things could have made it go the other way- a lightpole was 50ft away, a creek surrounded by trees was about 150feet away. Just thinking about that night brings me chills & after hearing & seeing my family, friends & coworkers reaction to my accident I never want to put them through anything like that again. I never want to go through anything like that again!! Especially not when it was completely avoidable!

I will admit that since then I no longer drive tipsy but I do still get distracted while driving. It’s somewhat second nature at this point but when I notice myself doing it I stop. I enjoy Halloween for the decorations, costumes & candy but I thank God regularly because He’s the only reason I survived that night.

[youtube http://youtu.be/_eAboY5zfYE]

I visited my accident site a month after in the daylight, again, Thank God!


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  • Mr B

    Thanks for sharing your story. I remember being speechless last year when I saw the pictures. Hopefully this will help others become more conscious of their driving habits, I know it did for me.

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