Jewelry Designer/ Image Consultant

Corey Hackett

What was the inspiration behind the name TruYeroc?
TruYeroc is inspired by a lifestyle that I have created in my paradigm.  So my bracelets represent a lifestyle and a image that I feel people will appreciate and each piece represents an extension of my ultimate goal in which I will not share just yet….
Who all is a part of the brand? When was it started?
My brand has three direct affiliations.  KBCWW, Forefront Image Consultant, and Spencer Wallace. ….oh and I started TruYeroc ….lol!
Kyle Carpenter Top Right and Berthrem Henry bottom Left
Spencer Wallace
What made you decide to create a jewelry line?
I wanted an extension of The Lifestyle.  For those who are already stylish it would only add to your arsenal. It’s something tangible and creative for those who support my mission.
Describe your line’s style?
I love earth tones and simple stupid pieces. Simple stupid are basic solid colors with a pop of something!  The more extreme pieces are created when my emotions are altered…lol
You have a wide range of designs in your jewelry, what inspires your pieces?
Emotion, music, inspiration from other brands and from my peers.
What is the price range for your line?
From $15-$100. But the median is around $20.
How can people purchase your line?
Available online at
You all have some amazing bracelets, can we expect an expansion into other areas of fashion in TruYeroc‘s future?
Yes. Next will be very unique and limited Tie Clips and Pendents for men and women.
Tell us something readers should know about you or your brand.
My brand is very personal and each piece is handcrafted by myself “Yeroc”…
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