I haven’t been “On The Scene” in a minute & most definitely not cause I didn’t want to! But it’s okay, that’s about to change & there’s no better time than HOMECOMING!!!! If you didn’t know it was homecoming you must live under a rock because my twitter & IG TL has been filled with #HC2K12 #TurnUpItsHomecoming #FTSItsHomecoming & more! lol! EVERYBODY brings they’re A+++ game when they go to homecoming so I’m traveling to different schools in GA to find all the #TopTrendsetters & #FashionFinds 

Here’s where I’ll be:

October 13: FVSU

October 20: My ASU Rams!!

October 27: SpelHouse 

**Some changes had to be made but never the less we roll with the punches & keep going!**

You’ll catch me roaming around campus near the venders, tailgaters and greek plots -& if you’re lucky I’ll spot you, snap your pics & post it here on Blondie’s!! Follow me on twitter & IG (@BlondiesLipstk) to keep track of my moves on these campuses. Pics will be posted the Monday after so check back often to see if your pic made it!!


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