Look, I know you’re busy (or like to seem busy) but when was the last time you took a step back and evaluated yourself? Well with the temps dropping & days getting shorter why not do a seasonal evaluation? At your job they log your progress to decide if you’ll get a promotion or some other type of reward so you should rate your performance to see if your being the best (insert name here) that you can be!

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I discovered the power of the personal evaluation when I started my site. I’m moderately organized but when you start your own business or any new endeavor it’s nice to have a check list to make sure you don’t forget anything. Somewhere in the beginnings of it all I started applying it to my life outside of Blondie’s & boy what a difference!!! You can learn so much about yourself and those around you. For example if you’re unhappy a self-evaluation could help you retrace your steps to find out when things started going downhill & figure out how to fix it.

Now for those of you reading this and are thinking “Huh?! I don’t need to do all that. When I find an issue in my life I nip that s*** in the bud right then and there & move on!” Well if that’s what you’re thinking you’e either A- lying to yourself or B- a perfect being, which if so Thanks for reading my blog Jesus!!! No matter what you think it’s not that simple to jus up & change over night. Can it be done, yes but the point is to MAINTAIN THE CHANGE which is where we usually faulter.

There’s no specific time you should self-evaluate, and I honestly cant think of a wrong way to do it. Personally I like to take a warm bubble bath in low light and sit and soak & reflect on past events, relationships, opportunities, etc. After I’m out & dry I sit in a quiet room, technology silenced and write down what I can do to make myself a better, happier, healthier Blondie. -I’m not always willing to go through with running a bath so thoughts in the shower count too. Lol!

I’ll share a recent one. After some deep thought & talks with a good friend I realized that throughout my entire social life (not social media, I’m talking daycare to now) majority of my friends weren’t shit. Period. Like those friends who you have no idea why they’re your friend -yeah that’s been my life. Now don’t get it twisted, I’ve had some good friends in my life & the handful that are in my circle now are absolutely awesome! However I deserve each and every one because I’ve been a GREAT friend to some really undeserving people. When I was in high school & college my mother used to tell me all the time “I wish I was your peer because I would love to be your friend!!” That’s cause I’m the definition of a ‘ride or die’ & if I say I have your back then that’s exactly what I mean -unfortunately people attempt to use that to their advantage, take my kindness for weakness & lose one of the best friends they will ever have the pleasure to know. Now knowing that I’ve had my share of crappy friends I made a list of how I can continue being a good friend to those deserving of it and to make sure I’m not used for doing so. This list included

  • remove Negative Nancy’s
  • don’t take friends problems so personally
  • remain honest (but not spiteful/mean) at all times, true friends respect honesty

Most of the time the things I come up with I already know but writing things down helps me remember & gives me a visual. Having a detailed plan of how I’m gonna achieve each goal. For example, instead of just saying “get healthy” I’ll write “take better care of myself by drinking more water, eating more veggies & starting a workout routine that I do at least 3 times a week”. It’s not always easy to be real with yourself & critique the same person who was “too good for this s***” in the first place, but trust me you need it! Nobody knows you better than you so why not tell YOU what to do!!

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