As of today Blondie’s Lipstick has been your means of lip service for TWO WHOLE YEARS!!!! 2 years of info, interviews & product reviews, 2 years of growth & 2 years of LIPSTICK LOVING MADNESS THAT I WOULDN’T TRADE FOR THE WORLD!!! lol! I had a lot of things in mind to do to celebrate this momentous occasion & chose the giveaway -again congrats @Glam_Mari & @Trevo_Gold -and something I do well, SHOPPING!!!! lol! I couldn’t just spend my well-earned $$$ anywhere & I had to support some of my favorite entrepreneurs (& their stuff is twice as nice!!) Check out some of the goodies I bought:

Lipsticks from Kaoir Cosmetics

2 pair of earrings from Ashlei Shannon

Bunny Custom Creations phone case & lighter -even though I’m not a smoker (not these exact, this is just an example.)

Shoe Condoms from High Heel Junkie

I’ve already gotten some things in the mail but I cant wait for the rest!!!

I want to sincerely thank everyone who has supported Blondie’s over the years! I’ve met so many amazing people, shared many of their lives and experiences & plan on sharing many more! Looking back over these 2 awesome years I’ve lost countless hours of sleep, miles on my car & $$$ out the wa-zoo all to achieve my dream -to use my gift of gab to entertain, inform & benefit of others! As I said above I wouldn’t trade one minute of it! It’s been a long journey but it’s far from over!! Blondie’s evolved from a hobby long ago & I plan on riding this baby til the wheels fall off! Stay tuned loveys, the best is yet to come!!


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