I haven’t seen anything about this in a minute but I wanted to stir it up again and fill you all in on it.

Based on the saying “dont judge a book by it’s cover” and fueled by the Trayvon Martin case in Florida, Atlanta photographer and CEO of Noire 3000 created his campaign Naked Black Justice to bring to light the injustice African Americans are still facing today. Take a look:

Naked Black Justice

“This photography campaign was designed to bring attention to the issues of racism, prejudice and overall ignorance that has been impressed upon Black Americans. This is no longer just a statement…it has become a MOVEMENT to get others to understand that the world would be such a better place if we could just ERASE THE HATE!! Nudity was implemented to demonstrate the RAW REALITY of these issues…so if it causes you to become uncomfortable while viewing this…GOOD…maybe it will challenge you and others to take a stand against these injustices.” ~Noire 3000

I support this powerful campaign because education is the cure to ignorance. Regardless of race, nationality, religion, sexuality or social stature we are all God’s children and deserve the same rights, privileges respect and acceptance as the next man. Sadly that’s not the America we live in but this type of in-your-face message is start to a better tomorrow.

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