For those of you who are like me & occasionally partake in realty tv then you’re left with an empty hole in your Monday night lineup now that Love & Hip Hop ATL Season 1 is over. Well VH1 said “Don’t fret! We have more ridiculous tomfoolery on the way!!”

Basketball Wives has made celebrities out of baby mommas, ex-girlfriends and ex-wives, Basketball Wives LA was different in that the show actually has wives!! Not one but TWO!!! lol! Regardless of the title befitting the LA cast more than the original the first season was not enough to keep me tuned in once a week. I mean, if I tune in for drama with a side of ratchetness then give me what I want!! Don’t milk one little miscommunication (Jackie Christie vs the rest of the cast) for an entire season that could have been resolved in 2 or 3 episodes! Anywho, two of the original cast jumped ship or disappeared early on & have been replaced by two no strong, no-nonsense women, one being our favorite lipstick loving rapper Bambi. I had no intention of tuning in until I found out these ladies joined the crew, here’s why

If you tuned in to the original Love & Hip Hop cast then you’re more than aware of relationship roller coaster between Chrissy and her man Jim Jones, and we can’t forget his self proclaimed “phsychotic” b**** mother Mama Jones. Well after their engagement (and despite Chrissy saying at the season 2 reunion that she would not be coming back) the Jones clan is back with their own show, Chrissy & Mr. Jones. Here’s a taste of what’s to come


Perhaps ratchet tv isn’t your style and you prefer more of a family oriented show that combines the right amount of growing pains, laughs & love. Well you’re in luck!! The Harris family is back on T.I. & Tiny’s Family Hustle. The show picks up with the head of household & King of the South T.I. home from jail for about a year. Combined with his silly, loving wife Tiny & all their kids they’re living up to the title. Take a look

There’s a variety of twitter-worthy tv coming your way so pick your poison! I’ll pass on Chrissy’s show but I’ll definitely be tuning in to BBWLA and T.I. & Tiny. Whatever you choose to watch remember that what you see is through the magic of television. Video is edited & music is added to persuade viewers into thinking a certain way about a scene. There’s only so much REAL in reality tv.

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