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I caught up with the owner of Copper Etiquette, a chic boutique that brings out the girly girl in me with their romantic dresses and whimsical skirts! Not a girly girl? Don’t worry! They have something for every girl! I wanted to get inside the mind of this fashionable fabulous entrepreneur to find out more about this budding company.

Blondie’s Lipstick Where are you located? 

Copper Etiquette We are exclusively online for now.

BL How long has Copper Etiquette been in business?

CE Technically a year May 5, 2011

BL What was the inspiration behind the name Copper Etiquette

CE Well, I searched long and hard for a name that was unique and that in my gut I knew was right. I looked at art and varies logos for inspiration to no avail. After searching and praying and searching and praying Copper Etiquette came to me in a dream. Everyone kind of gave me that hmmmm look when I told them, but I knew Copper Etiquette was it, so I didn’t put much stock into their funny looks 🙂

BL What made you decide to create an online clothing store?

CE I have always loved dresses and found that they were either unavailable outside of Spring/Summer or too pricey for my budget. I had to figure out how to do this where the cost and maintenance would be low. In the initial stages, when we were just beginning I was still working a full time job, I am also a wife and mother of two so my life is pretty hectic. I knew I had this dream that I had to pursue but, I also needed to be practical. So online it was.

BL Are the clothes on the site your own design or of you have a buyer?

CE We actually have a buyer. Her and I collaborate on what designs we think are hot at the time, or a specific look we are trying to find for the boutique and we go from there.

BL Describe the style of clothes in your store?

CE We are a boutique that sales dresses exclusively. Dresses are easy and very feminine. I would say that our style is very modern and practical, but when sourcing our inventory we look at each item and fit it into one of these categories: 

Comfy yet feminine

Funky yet refined

Edgy but not rebel


BL My favorite section of your store is the “Shop Tribal Trilogy” & “Shop Red White & Blue”. What sets these unique pieces a part from the other items in your store?

CE One of the things I love about our site is that although the dresses are affordable and they are great quality. We try to purchase pieces that stand out or have something you can use in another outfit. With our Red, White, and Blue category besides the color combination we wanted to use various shades of blues and textures like denim and 100% cotton.  For our Tribal Trilogy collection we wanted colors that popped and reminded you of a Safari. We also wanted to add a few maxi dresses which we didn’t have on the site.

BL What is the price range for the items in your store?  

CE All of our items are under $100. We feel like you should not have to break the bank to be noticed or have quality dresses in your wardrobe.

BL Tell me about The Perfecting People Project. 

CE Well my husband and I have a strong sense of community. Although we wanted to start Copper Etiquette for profit, we know that only way to reap life’s true reward is by helping others. Therefore we tried to come up with a concept that still tied into fashion without coming off as superficial and Perfecting People Project was born. The donation amount keeps in line with being affordable and the shirts are eye catching and still allows our customers to be fashion forward and trendy.

 BL Tell us something readers should know about you or your brand.

CE I am a just city girl from Detroit Michigan that gambled it all to fulfill a dream. was a dream of mine that I wanted to share with ladies that bargained shopped or that had minimal disposable income to spend on clothing just like me, but still wanted to be stylish. Copper Etiquette wants to change the frame of mind that fashion, style, and quality clothing is solely attached to designer labels or pieces that are upwards of 100 dollars. Fashionable, and distinct dresses can be affordable and unique and not put you in debt.

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