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R&B Singer/ Songwriter/Model/Dancer

Songbyrd Chellz

On a sunny day in April I had the pleasure of sitting with singer Songbyrd Chellz. This lady is full of energy and talent! She has her own unique style when it comes to singing and clothing. Despite the fact that guys could not stop looking and even interrupting the interview I was able to dig into her mind so that readers can become well acquainted with her. She believes in following her dreams saying “It’s not a lot of people who can say I’ve lived out my dreams, and I will be one of those select few!”

Blondie’s Lipstick Who or what has influenced you as an artist?

Songbyrd Chellz I’m influenced by plenty of people, not just famous people; People from my church, home, school, choir director, and my family. I am influenced by some artists such as Lauryn Hill, Whitney Houston, and Anita Baker.

BL What gets you into your artistic zone?

SC Usually just being in a room by myself listening to old school music and different artists helps me to get into my writing zone. It helps me think outside of the box.

BL What song do you feel best describes your style and why?

SC I can’t really think of a song but I can think of an artist, Aaliyah because she was able to be herself and express herself as a woman never selling out. That’s just how I am; real down to earth.

BL Do you have any other talents besides your dancing, modeling, and singing?

SC I don’t play any instruments but I would love to learn how to play the guitar. It gives a person’s style a little more edge and looks really fun.

BL What do you want listeners to take from you music?

SC I want people to feel inspired by my life and be able to take my experiences and learn from them.

BL Not being from Atlanta how has your transition been; how has ATL welcomed you since you’ve been here?

SC I moved here August 2011 and I’ve met a lot of great people that were willing to help. My team is Flight Crew and I got with them last year around the end of November. We’ve been working and meeting new people.

BL What type of people do you surround yourself with in order to progress?

SC I try to surround myself with people who have goals themselves and have positive energy. That allows me to be able to work.

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