by Kimberly Gilkes

Audio Engineer/Artist

Gutta Gwalla

Donald (Gutta Gwalla) Colbert Jr. is the definition of innovative. Different, charismatic, visual, realistic and mature are a few words that describe this upcoming artist. “I believe I bring a sense of all genres combined into one, which speaks to the reason why I create good music.” Representing Lithonia, GA, this 23 year old Audio Engineer/Artist has used his personal life experiences to create original music that conveys who he really is to his audience. Not only is his music original, but it speaks to the mind in such a way that it moves you. His unique name simplifies another name for money. “I choose Gwalla after a period of time to solidify the grind and the hustle.” One of his many goals is to always stay true to himself so that he has a different sound and style to offer the people. He comments on how he differs from other artists on the rise saying, “The fact is I don’t follow trends; I’d rather set my own trends and at the same time paint a picture of the life around me and society we live in as people, regardless of my social status.”

Blondie’s Lipstick Who or what has influenced you as an artist? 

Gutta Gwalla: The musicians or the writers before me, people in general, and the ways of society and life inspired my vision and will to paint my own.

BL What gets you into your artistic zone?

Gwalla A certain melody or rhythm that vibes with the lifestyle that I’ve approved for myself.

BL What song do you feel best describes your style? Why?

Gwalla “You Ain’t Never Had A Friend Like Me” by Tupac. I can vibe with the image that he paints of what his vision or definition of a friend is.

BL What do you want listeners to take from your music?

Gwalla I want my music to inspire people in a positive sense and at the same time free them mentally to perceive themselves as the person they want to be regardless of criticism and judgment.

BL How have your life experiences made an impact on your music and yourself as an artist?

Gwalla I was kinda brought up in the midst of the democratic and the republican approach, with that being said I’ve distinguished between the mindset of the rich and the poor. I’ve managed to develop a personal approach to my likes and dislikes of each. Honestly, I see people as people, material as material and life as life to sum it all up. I’ve exercised my right to choose and be able to paint a personal perception of material, people, and life, realistically.

BL What type of people do you surround yourself with in order to progress?

Gwalla Hardworking individuals that focus more on painting a certain perception with purpose, creativity, and uniqueness.

BL What do you feel you can change about the music industry?

Gwalla I don’t feel like I can change the music industry, I just feel I can change the approach of the artists’ false interpretation of fame and glory; putting more emphasis of artistry itself.

BL Is there anything else you want Blondie’s readers to know about you and your music?

Gwalla To know that my music is for the optimist; the person who sees the cup as half full; grinds even in the midst of the darkest situations.

For More Information/Inquires contact Gwalla here:

Twitter: @GuttaGwalla


Also check out his new music!!!!!

“It’s About To Go Down”



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