If you haven’t noticed by now I love to laugh!! I tend to post a video of some type of hilarity once a week & I’m seriously thinking about doing a weekly segment -like #MusicMondays but for comedy of course! Either way, I saw the guys from FUNarios posted their weekly video while I was still at work & made the horrible mistake of watching it when I got home! I stayed up til 6AM watch almost all of their hilarious skits & parodies along with some of my other youtube staples like Billy Sorrells & Spoken Reasons. Needless to say I’m tired af!!! But it was worth it to laugh my ass off until the break of dawn, LITERALLY! lol!

Check out the latest from these funny men below:

The Roasting Games

[youtube http://youtu.be/Ro5M2qMxxFk]

Follow them @FUNarios, @ItsKJLee, @comedianlonnie

Hood Wars Episode 1

[youtube http://youtu.be/NjrI3I9tKzg]

Follow him @BillySorrells

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