Tokaree Wingfield

I know I haven’t done one of these in a while but today marks a momentous occasion! A year ago today my sister, Cancer twin & one of my best friends in the whole wide world (and also the woman who gave me the idea for the segment!) gave birth to the most amazing little boy I’ve ever met: Sebastian Tokarr Wingfield!!!

Despite starting a family in a new state at the age of 22 and a year later having her husband deploy in the military, my China Doll has made lemonade from her lemons by moving back to Atlanta to be near her family. During that time she has purchased a new car (“Adonis the Black Beauty” is SUPER nice! lol!), and also managed to balance being employed by 3 different businesses (including being my fabulous assistant here at Blondie’s Lipstick, LLC!) all while being a full time mom to my favorite little man!! Her journey is far from over! A true dreamer, Tea aspires to go back to school & finish her degree, and when her husband returns she hopes to combine his photography skills with her awesome makeup & styling skills and start their own studio!

It’s crazy what life throws at your but my no matter what Tea encounters she faces those challenges and obstacles with God on her side, loving family & friends, a supportive husband & the coolest baby on earth always brightening her day with his smile!! I love you TEA & tell Sebastian his Auntie Kitty is gonna smother him in kisses when I see him!!! *MUAH!*

Tea & Sebastian


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