I caught up with Neshaszda Brown (which is not an easy thing to do!!) and got a little insight on this student, university queen (of the Unsinkable Albany State!!), business woman, model & fashionista!!

Tell me about  your line “A Better Me” Clothing Group 

I started my [A Better Me] October 2011. I began with Tshirts and decided to dive in to my true love of clothing: Vintage! They are vintage Blazers from 1980s and 70s Revamped and designed by yours truly!

I LOVE VINTAGE!!!! What r the prices?

Prices rance from 30-39.99 for Now.

What inspires your work?

I was inspired by tyra Banks I believe she is the Jack of all trades in the fashion industry! I am a young female entrpeneur trying to be the Walt Disney of Fashion!lol I love to make the world Happy! Hopefully others will feel my warmth and join this journey with me to success!

Who is your clothing for?

I want my clothing line to be marketable to All Ages with the tshirts,and vintage clothing! I am excited to be a fresh face in the Fashion industry and I’m ready to get my feet wet.

Anything else you want to tell the readers?

My favorite quoet is: Those that can see the invisible can accomplish the immposible! With God on my side who can be against me. Join this Fashion movement with: A Better Me Clothing Group: Challenging you to be a BETTER You Daily!

Check out the rest of the line & order your A Better Me Clothing Group items here

Follow  Neshaszda @iFLYDelta & A Better Me @ABetterMeCG


If your going to be in the Atlanta area this weekend the place to be is The Break Out Fashion Show at

That Old Closet Vintage Boutique

1198 Zonolite Rd NE

Atlanta, GA 30306

See you there!!

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  • Julianna Toney

    I went to the show! Can’t wait to see the pictures you took once you post them on your blog! (I was the girl with the blue skirt and i had a side bun) lol. And your business cards were nice

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