Blessings come in so many forms but who knew this one would make me SALTy?! Okay, enough with the puns. I woke up to the most amazing text this morning!! Delvin Arnell of SALT Newspaper hit me up last year about a collaboration between Blondie’s Lipstick & SALT. If you notice anything about me or Blondie’s it’s that I love to network & support entrepreneurs & anyone else who fearlessly follows their dreams! A few emails & texts in & the next thing I know I was asked to be the “Ambitious Woman of the Month”!! That brings me back to this mornings text:


I rubbed the sleep outta my eyes, sat up straight & “AHHHH!!!!!!” Was the only sound I could make!!! I immediately texted Delvin back thanking him for the amazing opportunity!! He proceeds to further stretch the grin across my face when he told me they also posted the article I submitted!! Talk about a great morning! I can tell this is the start of a beautiful LIPSTICK smooching, SALT licking relationship!! Lol! Look out for future collaborations between Blondie’s & the SALT team!!

Support SALT Newspaper & ya girl Blondie by checking out their site and picking up a copy today!!!

Check them out here ->

Follow the mastermind behind SALT, Delvin @ArnellsEgo

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