Bold. Independent. Stunning. Creative. Sassy. These are all words that describe a fabulous Femme Fatale. I’m not talking about the over sexed “she devil” from those old black-sploitation movies, I’m referring to a woman who is on top of her game, a boss in all aspects, a lioness in charge of her kingdom.

I’m all about girl power and making every woman feel good about herself! With that being said I found these three songs from these amazing fem-cee’s and had to share it with you guys, and what better day than #FollowFriday -which is now #FemmeFataleFriday for me. If you’re a fabulous Femme Fatale, follow me @BlondiesLipstk and @  me!!

I’ve been in the gym getting my work out on & nothing motivates me better than crunk foolishness & songs about how sexy I look!  Lately I’ve had Bambi “Look at Yo Body” in heavy rotation and come beach time it’ll probably be my ringtone to remind people what to say to me. lol! Check out the video below!

Follow her @adizbambi

After a work out you gotta drive home, and since its warming up outside you can ride with the windows down and you need some riding music to bump in your speakers. Can’t go wrong with Brianna “Slight Work” remix. When this track is playing you can’t tell me I’m not the sh**!!

 Follow her @BRIANNAtheYRB

Lastly you gotta wind down at the end of the day and a smooth & sexy slow jam is my song of choice. Whether you have a boo, have your eye on that special someone or spending some quality time with your number one (YOU!!) then play Natasha Mosley “Tattoo”. I feel so sexy when it’s on!


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