DJ Young Samm

Name My rap name was Young Samm and just added the DJ to it

Age 24

Musical Influence Any producer that get in the studio & work hands on with an artist. Producers like this would be Mr.Lee, Just Blaze, Kanye & Swizz Beats

What inspired you to become a DJ? How long have you been DJing?

DJ Micheal Watts inspired me to DJ but I learned alot working under DJ Chill. I’ve been djing since the 7th grade.

Describe your DJing style

I break new music

When you’re making a playlist what qualities help you pick a song? 

Jamming beat and the hook.

Where do you plan to go with your DJing? 

I’m tryna make moves like Khaled because I’m also a  songwriter & producer so I come up with and create alot of hits. I just recently just dropped my BDBO (Break Dem Boyz Off ENT) Compilation Album.

I fell in love with Master of the Mix DJ competition on BET, would you ever consider doing something like that?

Naw I wouldn’t do that show cause I’m basically a mixtape/club DJ, not a show off DJ.

There are a lot of aspiring DJs out there from radio, to mixtape DJs to party DJs, what advice would you give someone trying to follow in your footsteps?

Advice I would give is it get your money up front with promoters and brand your self to be able to venture off and make yo own lane/following.

Tell us something our readers should know about you or your craft

I’M AN ULTIMATE HUSTLER – CEO of BDBOENT, Dj, Graphic & Web Designer, Producer, Rapper.


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