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I recently wrote a piece on whether more expensive perfumes were actually better value than cheaper ones, and now I’m going to do the same but with skincare creams!
I personally have a mixture of both expensive and cheap, so I want to see if I actually need both or whether I can save some money and hopefully help you out too!

WAG Coleen Rooney and American beauty Christina Aguilera are among just a few stars that have brought out body butters in the same scent as their best-selling perfumes (surprise surprise).
I own both and while they’re purse pleasing and smell superb, they don’t actually do anything!
Despite claiming to even out my skin tone, banish my blemishes and restore my skin from dryness, they succeeded in giving me nothing more than a nice smell for an hour or two!

I’ve found this is also the same with cheaper face creams. Simple face moisturiser has no harsh chemicals or fragrances but maybe it should as it might stand a chance of working then…
I used this moisturiser for ten days straight before giving up hope; no dry patches or dark circles were tamed. When I asked opinions of why this might have happened when actresses such as Gemma Atkinson were singing its praise, I was told I needed to use the whole range. You know, the face wash, the cleanser, the wipes then the moisturiser, so being the trooper I am, I soldiered on. This again was a total waste of my time, money and effort as I saw no desirable results for a second time. – (

This failure drove me to purchase some more expensive creams and butters. The two I narrowed it down to were Clinique ( and Sanctuary ( Now I’m going to be honest, when I got to the counter and saw that the combined total came in at over £50, my jaw nearly smacked the floor!
However, within a few days I did see very noticeable results. The Sanctuary cream restored a natural glow to my skin and smoothed it over like a babies behind. The Clinique butter and cream sorted out my awful eye bags and flaky skin patches, they even had the night cream pot on offer too, result!

To conclude, I don’t usually go for the most expensive offers, we all know I like a good bargain! But when it comes to skincare, you can’t put a price on youthful, healthy and all round beautiful skin.

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