contributed by Nique

Our time is perfect together

Everything is “we”, “our”, future plans, meshed goals

And then reality steps in and I can’t help but to question if you’re really mine

We’re always in our own world

Never forgetting our boundaries but sometimes getting lost in ourselves

And I’m happy….

More happy than I can ever remember being

I’m content and I’m at peace

And then “it” happens again and I feel alone in a world that felt so full only seconds ago

We talk about love

We talk about life

We talk about downfalls and triumphs

And then I let my mind slip into a space where we can truly co-exist as equals

Where we are partners beyond partnership

And companions one breath away from being one person

And then “she” happens and I second guess your very apparent existence in my life

Are you really here?

Do you feel what I feel?

And am I worth the fight?

Because if not then save me from myself and let me go

Break my heart and watch from a distance while it heals

Destroy my soul and imagine what my worth will be once it’s restored


If your love is as real as you say it is

If you care as much as you say you do

Then be by my side when everything tells you not to

Trust in my heart when you can’t trust in yours

And love me, even when you find it difficult to love yourself

And believe me when I say that I am once in a lifetime

So cherish me while I allow you to

Or suffer with only seeing a glimpse of me in your dreams


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