So for those of you who haven’t heard, good girl gone bad Rihanna released her remix to “Birthday Cake” with non other than  (. . . . wait for it, wait for it . . . .) her ex CHRIS BROWN!!! Take a listen

Rihanna ft Chris Brown “Birthday Cake Remix”

It’s been just over 3years since the infamous domestic violence incident Rihanna had with Chris Brown (read more about it here via Necole She’s getting a lot of flack for this bold move and also a lot of praise.  If you search for the song on youtube you’ll see comments like:

“Rihana my dear…guy punched u n u dont care i feel sorry for her. Its a good song tho but sad to kno her decisions smh” via yULYyYyYoOoO,

to “Nice beat I really hopes she don’t go back to Chris brown doe even doe dey made a good couple dey do better as friends plus no homo but Chris new girl hott” via sha1234cute,

to “Rihanna is losing so many fans over this. Where is your self respect girl ! ? Check out some of her fan reactions here.. http://watch?v=bh4qXTo0Ka4 ” via VJ4rawr

Breezy also hinted on twitter that he hit Ri-Ri up for the remix for his latest single “Turn Up The Music”. Check it out here on

What are your thoughts on their songs and their “collaboration”?

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