Styles By Brittany

Brittany Ethridge

Quick Bio

Atlanta, Georgia

22 years old
What was the inspiration behind the name *Styles By Brittany*?

Being that I am a Hair Doctor and Make-up Artist, there are so many different looks that can be created from imagination thus hinting the name Styles By Brittany… It is not a company more of a brand! I don’t want
people calling my whole name so I am StylesByBrittany.
What made you decide to become a hair stylist and makeup artist?

I started braiding hair before styling. I did my first set of individuals when I was 12 on my best friend at the time. They were not bad but I saw what I would change the next time. Experimenting on my Family and close friends I became good with a natural talent. I had my own braiding business by the time I was 14 and neighbors would pay me to braid their hair and their daughters. Although HAIR was not my first choice for a career, I always had in the back of my mind I would go back to cosmetology school and open my own shop. My sophomore year of college pursuing a career in Respiratory Therapy, my grades started dropping and my concentration decreased for the subjects. I’m more hands on. So I enrolled in Empire Beauty School where I won over 10 Awards in different
competitions including Long Hair Wedding Design which I turned into an avante garde style, Color Me Bad where I did an array of colors, Artistic Makeup and many others. I am most proud about going to Hershey, Pennsylvania and competing against over 120 other schools in Artistic Makeup. Although I did not win my category, my scores contributed to the TOTAL TEAM AWARD which my school proudly display a huge trophy in the entrance. It was not until beauty school that I developed a natural talent for makeup. Since then I have participated in fashion shows and alter ego photo shoots perfecting my love for the crafts.
Where do you get the inspiration for your work?

Thanks to God and my handsome son Zymir. StylesByBrittany is a mixture of what my clients want with a twist, My imagination.

Do you specialize in any specific type of hair/ makeup?

Hair is my main love but I am cheating with makeup, the best of both worlds (Ha ha ha ha!). When it comes to makeup I like bold, bright, eye catching makeup. I like to focus more on the eyes to bring out that inner beauty including brows and lashes. When it comes to hair, I specialize in cut, color, extensions, and most importantly the health of natural hair. I like soft styles that flow with movement.


When working with *Styles by Brittany* what can clients expect? 
You can expect a professional/ friendly relationship, Quality services unlike anyone else, polished styles above the neck, Face & head, and upscale service with low prices. I promote healthy hair no matter how you like to wear it as long as it’s healthy. My motto is “It is BEAUTY that captures your ATTENTION, but PERSONALITY that captures the HEART”

Is this a hobby for you or is it your career?

This is definitely a career for me. I have no Plan B because this occupation is going to work for me no matter what. I am willing to do anything within reasonable means to succeed in my profession.
What is the price range for your services?

Makeup: $10- $30 salon visit. Special occasions are negotiable based on heads and hours.
Hair: $50 – $300+ salon visit. Special occasions are negotiable based on heads and hours.


What’s lies in the future of *Styles by Brittany*?
In the near future you can expect more fashion shows, more photo shoots, Master Educator, Platform Artist, I am coming out with my own eye shadow line because I love the eyes and later I will add on the line. The sky is the limit for StylesByBrittany so stay tuned & look out world because here Brittany comes…..
Tell us something readers should know about you or your brand.
Follow me as I follow my dream @StylesByBritt on twitter. You can check my website for current monthly specials and more details about me at Like/friend my Facebook page at StylesByBrittany. Also thank you Blondie’s Lipstick sooo much for the spotlight! Keep up the great work.

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