Oh my goodness y’all! I have been having a crazy week full of sorry coworkers, new tasks, diva attitudes minus a diva performance, friends acting crazy, lack of sleep and on top of all that I’m working on new endeavors in EVERY aspect of my life!! Whoo! Talk about stressed!
Anyways, I was doing my normal Youtube combing when I came across a HILARIOUS young comic known as Spoken Reasons. I watched 1 of his videos & was addicted!! Plus while I was watching the last thing on my mind was my crazy ass week! I was dying laughing at this man to the point of tears!! -it’s in the title “Rolling OThe Floor Laughin MM***** F*****’Ass Off Til I‘m Cryin’!!!” Yes, I made it up, that’s how funny he is! You guys HAVE GOT to check  him out!! Laugh. Subscribe. FanFollow. SHARE!!!




These are 3 of my favorites!

Spoken Reasons- Facebook Issues

This one features a fellow Ram, ASU’s own “E-Man” @_kosherSubscribe to him too!!

Spoken Reasons- Questions

Spoken Reasons- Disrespectful Girlfriend

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