There’s no better feeling than money in the bank, good news and NEW STUFF!!! I can’t put money in your bank accounts but I do have good news about new stuff from some of my favorite designers!! Check out the photos, click the links and SUPPORT THESE ENTREPRENEURS!!!!!

Lipstick Mixtapes

Now you KNOW as Lipstick Connoisseur I had to put this one up FIRST!! Makeup Artist Safia Michelle continues her mission to make the world a more beautiful place with her brand  Lipstick Mixtapes and her lipstick line is getting plenty of buzz! To make things even better, in celebration of the season of LOVE Lipstick Mixtapes has made their shades of red and pink 50% off!! Now that’s a deal that’s definitely worth lip service!! There are 9 shades in all and you can start collecting yours today!!












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