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We all know that person. The person who stumbles upon some magnificent fortune that the rest of us haven’t been able to attain and then proceeds to let everyone else know how lucky he or she is.

This “fortune” doesn’t have to come in the form of cold, hard cash. It can be anything from a new car, to a new house, to a new job, to an engagement.

I mean, sure, we all get excited when something wonderful happens to us. If you don’t, you’re weird! I was incredibly happy when I got my first big-girl job and I posted an update about it on Facebook and I called everyone who cares about me and I let them know. Done.

But then there are those people who just seem to “have it all” and let’s be honest – no one “has it all.”

I’ll give you an example and you can be the judge.

I went to high school with a girl named Olivia (Just like last time names are changed to protect all guilty parties). She was older than me but not by much, and she always seemed like a sweet girl. Once she even complimented something I was wearing but I got the feeling that it was one of those compliments. The kind that people just give out to be…bitchy? (I.E. You might say: “Hey Sheila, I love those shoes!” But when Sheila leaves the room, you look at your girlfriend and say, “I wouldn’t wear those if you paid me to!”)

So anyway, I don’t really have anything against Olivia at this point – I mean, I don’t even know if her compliment about my particular choice of outerwear was meant to be rude.

Fast forward to more recent times, this girl gets a job and all of her Facebook posts indicate that she’s incredibly blessed and overjoyed with this new opportunity and that she can’t wait to start her career. That’s fine. We’ll give you a round of applause for that, Olivia, because times are hard. It’s not every day you’re able to find a job that you like, especially in this economy.

Well, then the constant pictures of Olivia in her “career swag” outfits started popping up on my news feed. I’ll even give it to Olivia that she has great style! I just don’t want to see it every morning when I’m checking my feed.

If you think I’m being dramatic…read on…

Then Olivia gets engaged to the man of her dreams. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m always happy when someone finds love, and I mean that with the utmost sincerity. My parents are divorced so I take marriage seriously. If I find out someone I know met that one true love, I’m ecstatic because just like that ulitimate career opportunity, the right person doesn’t come along every day.

Day after day Olivia’s posts about her upcoming nuptials have clogged my news feed like years of fast food and bad decisions are probably going to clog my arteries.

If it’s not, “I love my in-laws,” it’s “I love my hubby,” “Our wedding is going to be so beautiful!” Worst yet, her parents anniversary apparently coincides with her future anniversary, and we (By “we” I mean the people on her fiends list) had to hear ALL about it!

And the pictures…oh God…the pictures!

We’re talking her engagement ring from five different angles, her engagement ring sitting on an item of his clothing, him picking her up and twirling her around, etcetera, etcetera.

I’m not kidding, I just went to her profile mere moments ago and one of the last updates was about how proud she is of her man for getting a promotion or something to that effect.

A few updates before that is a link to their wedding website.

You might think that I’m just picking on Olivia, but I can promise you, I’m not. I know tons of people like that.

Why don’t I just delete them from Facebook, you might ask? I honestly don’t know. Sometimes people that you know get really offended when you delete them!

The point here is that bragging is not a good personality trait.  I can always be happy for someone when something great happens to them. I love to see other people who are happy. However, when everything you post on your social media site or everything you say about a situation is positive, I start to get a sneaking feeling that you’re full of it. And that you’re a bragger.

I’m a single girl, with a good job, a car I can call my own, and big time goals. I can promise you though, that the day I meet the man I love or get THAT job, everything I say, tweet about, and write on my Facebook will not be about that particular event because it won’t define ME.

Sure, this might sound bitter to some and that’s okay. You might think I’m just saying all of this because I am single and maybe a little jaded, and that’s alright too. I just know that a ton of girls feel the same way I do. If you’re giving me an “Amen” right now and nodding your head because you know someone like Olivia, you’re not alone, my friend!

Ladies, we’re happy that you’re happy, but no one likes a bragger.

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