contributed by Nique


Passed you by somewhere along the way……

I looked up…

Looked around

And I realized I was taking this trip alone….


I waited for you

I held back for you

I stunted my growth for you…..

To encourage yours.

In the end though,

It’s my heart in pieces


The world’s a funny place

You do your part

You hold up your end of this unspoken agreement

Only to find yourself alone

Signing on the dotted line with no witnesses present


I hate empty words

…..Empty actions even more

Why allow me to fall for you

If you weren’t ready to catch me?

Why present those words

If you weren’t ready to be responsible for them?


Those four letters have become my enemy

My heart has become my burden

And you have become nothing


This is my indifference

This is my end of the road


My hands are wiped clean of fighting a losing battle

I’m fighting for something that I never had the right to call mine

Or that was never mine to begin with

Not even sure anymore

Sadly enough,

It’s just taken me this long to realize it

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