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My hands (particularly my nails) have always been one of my favorite parts of my body. Thanks to our great readers and my interest in a nice set of nails, I decided to write about nail health and the latest nail trends. Nails truly can be an accessory, so we have to make sure that they are HOT!

First things first, this is a health and beauty section so we definitely want to make sure we discuss the health aspect of your natural nails. Nails that are pale, white, or yellow and nails with dark lines could indicate fungal infection, disease, or sickness. It’s important to note that the above mentioned does not always mean that something is wrong, but it is important to pay attention to your nails so that you notice what is normal for you and what is not.

To help keep your nails as healthy as possible make sure you do the following:

*Keep nails clean and dry.

*Keep nails cut and filed to a manageable length

*Avoid biting nails.


Here is what I have found to be true for me as I have experimented with different things with my nails…

Acrylic nails even gel acrylic left my nails weak and brittle. I tried the shellac nail polish, which didn’t leave my nails brittle however the color options were not as flashy as I would have liked. The nail polish was kind of thick, but it did last about a week and a half. I have also tried gel nail polish; it is different from the gel acrylic because it is nail polish so it didn’t really damage my real nails. You still have to sit under the UV light…if I had to choose from these three I would choose gel nail polish over typical acrylic, gel acrylic, and shellac nail polish, but what I have found to be the best is some good ole nail polish!

What I have found that I love the best when it comes to my nails is just a manicure with and the over the counter polishes that I love. My favorite polishes are OPI and Sally Hansen. The key to lasting nail polish is a great top coat. I use Vernis Brilliant Ultra Shine (something I picked up from Target). When I use these polishes and my top coat, my nails look great for at least a week.

According to crackle nail polish is still a trend that is in, but I haven’t tried it. The site also mentioned that the new trend for 2012 is Nail Appliqués which are a new design treatment mentioned by Queen Latifah on the Today Show last week. Below you can find a few pictures of the Nail Appliqués.

Mismatched Manicures are still in, but there is an art to matching the colors for example try having a bright red nail to compliment a manicure that includes neutral colored nails.

What are some of your favorite nail rituals and trends?!?


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