Hello ladies & gents!!!!

Welcome to the new (& I’d like to think improved) Blondie’s Lipstick!! I felt it was time for a change, simplify some things & revamp our look. I wasn’t entirely happy with the old site & since its mine, why not change it?!

I plan on bringing you more music, fashion, hot interviews, health advice, consumer reviews, and tons of other original content that you want to read! Be on the lookout for more Music Submissions, On The Scene events, #TopTrendsetters, new merchandise and new services offered!! We are still accepting contributors (see the Contact tab) so hit me up!!

We have a new twitter name!! Follow us @BlondiesLipstk (formerly @ThatLipstickMag), and don’t forget to like us on Facebook & subscribe to our Youtube channel.

I’m hoping you all like the new site and all the awesome things we have planned for Blondie’s Lipstick! Your feedback is always welcome so feel free to Contact me and leave your lips!


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