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Apparently, it has become a problem for me or any other Black woman in particular to be an independent woman; call me confused, but I thought I was being raised to learn how to survive and take care of myself. Hell, weren’t we all raised and instilled with that desire? Seems to me that being an independent Black woman is being treated as an epidemic, and quite frankly, I think more women need to fall victim to this “problem.” 
Honestly though, I’m a bit confused; see men sit here and complain that all they keep finding are women who are gold diggers, lazy and only want them for their money. Yet, when they find a woman that wants to spend her own money or buy her own things, that’s an even bigger problem! Men shouldn’t look at it as an attack on their manhood, because it isn’t; if anything, y’all should be appreciative of the fact that a woman has an ambition and wants to achieve success with you!  
Being referred to as “Miss Independent” should be a good thing; hell Ne-Yo wrote a song about it, and he loved it; so why does the average man have trouble accepting that? Don’t you want to date a woman who is bringing to your table, not constantly taking from it? Wouldn’t you want to be involved with a woman that wants to cater to you every now and then? I mean, wouldn’t it be nice to have a woman that believes in giving just like she’s getting? 
Say what you want, but I’m wearing my “Miss Independent” label proudly; you can hate and complain all you want to, but life is worth more when you have your own. And personally, I would rather be referred to as being an “Independent Black woman” than as a “Gold Digger;” but hey, what do I know?

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