by Nique

I wanna take my time
Let me make love to you…
I wanna watch my fingertips trace your skin…
I want you to feel my soul through my kisses and my heart through my touch
And I want you to know that the term “make love” doesn’t even come close
I wanna memorize every mark, every scar, and every bruise
And learn the location of every freckle and every dimple
And as we tug and pull and toss and turn
I want our movements to be slow and our bodies to be patient
I want to savor you
Be consumed by you
And whether it’s my hand caressing your face or my tongue tracing your collarbone
I want each and every moment to speak love
Scream ecstasy
And exaggerate intimacy in the purest form
I am drawn to you like a magnet
Our movements always complete each other
And this is no different
Your skin gets goose bumps a second before I touch it
And your tongue peeks out to lick your lips before my mind makes the decision to kiss them…
But I don’t 
Not yet
Because once I do all bets are off
Once my lips touch yours all thoughts of going slow will be long forgotten
And the explosive passion that we feel for each other takes over
And we are powerless to stop it
I wouldn’t even dare….
But for now I won’t use words
I won’t utter a sound
Because my kiss over your heart will say “I love you”
My forehead to yours will say, “I need you”
And when I look in your eyes, only to see the same emotions looking back at me
Nothing else matters
Because that one look says it all…
 I’ve found you
I’m home
And there isn’t anywhere else I’d rather be…

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