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Fellas, do you have style? Regardless of your answer the talented designer in this edition of Blondie’s Spotlight has just what you need this season! We caught up with Gregory Richards, the boss behind Style is Serene clothing line and he tell us how you can add some swag to your closet! 

Gregory Richards

Blondie’s Lipstick What was the inspiration behind the name Style is Serene?
Gregory Richards Inspiration thrives from that feeling one gets when he or she goes shopping and are overcome by a euphoric feeling brought on by articles of clothing.  Like an “I gotta have it” itch. Whether it’s because of the color scheme, graphic or just some sort of subtle elegance found in that garment/design. It’s mostly a solo project, but I am lucky to have my brother and close friends that are willing to help where they can, in terms of exposure and things of that nature.

BL What made you decide to create a clothing line?
GR The idea spawned from excess time, abundance of creativity and a passion for fashion. So with an urge like that it just led me to the decision.  Also having previously been involved in creating and drafting designs for another line did not hinder my yearning for more.

BL Describe your line’s style?
GR I call it “Simple Urban” however others probably just call it “Streetwear”.  With a focus on both graphic and typographic design, combining thought-provoking ideas with creative fonts, placements and colorways. Each design tells its own story, with its own meaning, in its own way.  Originality is key.

BL Style is Serene is a t-shirt line, do you see yourself expanding into other items of clothing in the future?
GR Most definitely, if all goes as planned, but only time will tell, so for now, I just do what I can.

BL Where do you all get the inspiration for your line?
GR Inspiration comes from all around, just day-to-day life.  Personally, I think I was built to see the world in a different light, but it’s not always so easy to convey what I see in my mind. Being a skateboarder and being around “street culture” has also been a great influence. I am always open to suggestions. If anyone has something constructive to say, I am willing to listen.  To me, especially since I am a newcomer, I feel that is one of the best ways to learn and grow.

BL Is there any significance to the designs of the t’s?
GR Just subtle symbolism and humor; The “No Grenades” t-shirt represents a stand against war, but of course it is mostly interpreted as a stand against what popular culture denotes as the ugly ducklings.  While the “Go Green” t- shirt promotes Green Peace, using a controversial leaf template which is actually made up of small recycle symbols, meaning reduce/recycle/reuse.

BL Is this line just a hobby for you or are you trying to turn it into a career?
GR At the moment it is just a passion, but if things permit, I would not mind doing it full time.

BL What is the price range for your line?
GR T-Shirts: $20-25
Sweatshirts: $30-35
Hoodies: $30-40

BL How can people purchase your line?
GR If you visit the website, Style is Serene and click on the shop tab (next to the home tab) it will redirect you to the online store.

BL Tell us something readers should know about you or your brand.
GR I’m really an approachable guy. If ever you see me, don’t be afraid to say hey.  I am always open to suggestions and criticism, and I am curious as to know what the public thinks of my line.  The brand is, to me, a living thing.  I want the consumers to feel like they are involved and a part of the movement and growth of  it.

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