by The Blonde One

Its time to start raking the racks for the perfect holiday party outfit!! Whether its a staff party or getting together with friends remember these tips when searching for that end of the year soiree ensemble!

Good thing is that its party season so cocktail dresses aren’t hard to find -but the bad thing is that they aren’t hard to find, so you could show up to the event with a twin in the same ensemble. Yuck! lol! But that can happen any day and there are simple ways to fix that.
– Shop at a boutique. Most boutiques boast their one of a kind clothes and if thats true then you’re guaranteed not to run into a copy cat!
– Not in the mood to search for a boutique? Try a store you normally wouldn’t shop. If you’re a fan of Charlotte Rouse try Maurice’s or Level X. Its no guarantee you’ll find something you like but if you never look you’ll never know!
– Maybe you’re not worried about someone showing up in the same outfit as you. Well at least make sure you’re the hottest one there and ACCESSORIES will definitely make that happen! Claire’s and Charming Charlie are two of my fav’s or you can also support entrepreneurs and get one-of-a-kind accessories from some of my fav designers like Black Hearts Accessories jewelry, Style vs Fashion accessories, Lynette Millard Designs jewelry!

Now back to those party dresses! Here are my favorite types, maybe you’ll like them too!
I personally hate being cold so I prefer the warmth of a sweater dress! Because of there increasing popularity you can find them in a variety of styles and textures. I chose simpler styles- the plainer the outfit the more outrageous your accessories can be!

A staple for end of the year gathering! Whether its full metallic fabrics, glittery sparkle or sequins galore you can shine all night! HOWEVER you can go really wrong! Yes, you should shine but being overly glitter-fied can blind someone! Keep the sparkle down to a signature piece like the dress or the accessories.

Remember to play around with patterns and textures to make the look all your own!

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