I searched for you…in my deepest dreams and in my darkest desires….

I don’t know you because I love you…
I love you…..because I know you
And Soul

From the passionate way in which we make love
To the intimacy of our conversations
To the way you look at me with an intensity that only a Scorpio can possess
……I know you

Loving someone….
Truly loving them
Means giving them the ability to destroy you….
But trusting them not to…..
And I don’t forget to take notice that you trust me without question
And you love me without fault
And if you can never give me anything else in life
This is all I will ever need

But as hard as it is to resist, I don’t get stuck in the fairytale
I know the realities that brought us together
Because I share them with you
But I know there’s a light surrounding us….
Our love speaks volumes without our bodies giving it permission to
And when that light around us starts to dim,
On our bad days and our worst days
I will walk with you in the dark, just as I stand by your side in the light
Back straight
Head high
Hand in hand
Because as I continue on this journey, with the knowledge that I’m not your first and may not be your last
I am beyond honored to be your present
To experience loving you
And to be loved by you in return.
My heart is filled with you
My soul knows you better than even I can understand
And my love has been waiting for you to “find your way back”
You’re a complicated melody
 You’re my beautiful struggle
You’re my Battle
And you are loved,
And passionately….
And this is for you…

A Special Dedication

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