interviewed by Kaydee
Kenaya Francis
Creative, Innovative, & Motivated are just a few words to describe her! Blondie’s brings you this Fab Mamacita and her little one Ky’ree.

What was your first reaction when you found out you were pregnant?
When I found out I was pregnant I wasn’t really shock because I already assumed that I was going to be. But never the less I was excited!

Were you using protection at the time?
I’m not proud to say that I was not using protection on that particular time I conceived Ky’ree.

Who was the first person you told when you discovered you were pregnant and what was the reaction of that person and others? 
My cousin Donisha Francis was the first person I told besides Ky’ree’s father. Donisha was happier then I was!!

How did the father take the news?  
His father was excited to have Ky’ree join our world! I was nervous to tell him because I thought that he wouldn’t have been so happy about it being that it was unexpected.

How was your pregnancy experience? [weight gain, cravings, mood swings, etc]
Being pregnant really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would’ve been. I hardly gained any weight, I was alllllllll belly lol! For the most part I craved condiments, so anything I could eat with tartar sauce, ketchup, and syrup I ate it!! One thing I can say that I wasn’t so thrilled about was the mood swings! I was really moody all the time.  I was either really upset or really happy! That by far was the toughest thing to deal with throughout the pregnancy, because there was no way to control my emotions.

What was the delivery process like for you? 
 Since Ky’ree was breeched when it came time to deliver I had to have a C-section done. So I didn’t get to experience a vaginal birth. Having a C-section was hard because the healing process I much longer than a vaginal birth. Having to give my body to heal was tough being that I had a new born and was restricted from so much, I couldn’t do a lot of the work that was needed to do for Ky’ree  his father had to step in and do a lot of it for a couple of weeks.

When you first took Ky’Ree home, how was the first few weeks adjusting to your new life?
It was such a natural thing with me, he fit right in! We were so excited to have him home that I didn’t notice the change too much. But the things I have noticed was that my social life has changed completely, I never had time to talk because I was so busy with my new family.
How important is embracing motherhood to you?
Embracing motherhood is extremely important to me for the simple fact that you have a young one that will look up, depend, and learn from you! I try to be a good role model to Ky’ree and work ten times as hard to provide to him everything I didn’t and more. 

How have you continued on your road to success now that you are a mother?
Honestly, becoming a parent pushed me to do more, to be better, and to set high goals so that Ky’ree can grow up and know that he can do whatever he can put his mind to. Everyday I work hard at my dreams so when my son gets older he can achieve his dreams, because his mom paved a way for him to do whatever he wants in life!

Explain your style as a Fab Mamacita!
I defiantly try my best to keep up with myself as a mother. I’m more of an oxford girl! I love statement jewelry pieces and shoes pared up with a simple button down, blazer, and jeans 😉

Tell our readers about The Model Studio Boutique!
The Model Studio Boutique is an online store that will be selling statement jewelry, trendy shoes, and handbags! It’s for the trendy, unique, and sophisticated woman that loves to stand out from the crowd and make a positive statement! The Model Studio will be open for business by spring 2012!

Any additional advice about motherhood, information about yourself, and information about your business.      
Things may get rough at times being a mother, but always make time for self. Stay focused on being a better you everyday! And take baby steps, it’ll come! 😉

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