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Are we as women the reason to blame for our being single? I mean think about it, we constantly complain that we end with the wrong man, that all the good ones are taken. After each failed relationship, we angrily declare that no man will hurt us again and the next guy will be put to the test to make certain that he isn’t like that last one. We hold onto this resolve, and wear our badge of wounded anger on our shoulder as a form of protection; until the next man. We meet this man who we feel is Mr. Wonderful and we give him our time and attention.  We let him into our mind and give him our body and tell all our friends that he is the one; until he turns out to be like the last one and we end up hurt all over again. So what happened, what went wrong, why did we end up hurt like this all over again? Did we rush into this relationship because we didn’t want to be alone, or did we jump into bed with him and create a soul tie because we were lonely and sexually frustrated? Were we perhaps feeling our biological clock ticking and saw all of our friends settling down and wanted the same thing? Did we decide to lower our standards and accept someone in our lives that filled a void for right now, but deep down we knew he wasn’t who we wanted or needed? Are we to blame for opening ourselves to love and another man when we weren’t ready or prepared to love how we truly needed to be loved? Did we fail to examine ourselves for what keeps attracting those ‘no good men,’ and strive to repair or eliminate that flaw before diving head first into a relationship? Or did we spread our legs in hopes of attracting and keeping him only to find out that we were just another good fuck that kept a good home and a hot meal? Did we see that good man and turn him down because he was too tame, too good for our bad side? Were we too willing to overlook that hardworking man who was responsible and a gentleman for the hood figure, the edgy man because he held more excitement? At the end of the day, can we fault that man for not wanting to be with us when we tried too hard to tame the proverbial wild dog? I have always heard that you attract what you are, so when it is all said and done are we to blame?

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