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I applaud single mothers; they are some of the strongest women in the world. Since becoming a mother I understand that we make sacrifices for our children but these women pay the ultimate price. These women sacrifice so much for their children, going to school to make a better life for them. Sometimes working multiple jobs to make sure their children are taken care of.  Although I am not a single parent my mother was, and I watched how trying it can be. My mother would miss Piano recitals, Harmony concerts and honors day programs, It’s not that she didn’t want to be there but she had to work to support us. I could not imagine missing ANY part of my son’s life. I appreciate what my mother did for me and I hope children of single parents appreciate it too. This next mom is the example of pushing forward through adversity, everyone meet Shanteria:

Hello everyone my name is Shanteria Scrutchins. I am a single 23 year old proud parent of a 3yr old daughter named Zy’Khia. 

I am a full time student, parent, and I work a full time job. The purpose of writing this column is to give some encouragement to young, single mothers and married women my age. Anything is possible when u believe in yourself. If you have a good support system, and strive for nothing but the best you can accomplish anything. My daughter was my motivation to better myself. I wanted to set a good example for her and show her that you can achieve anything you put your mind to. As of September 23rd 2011, my hard work has paid off. I am now a young successful Registered Pharmacy Technician. 

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