by Nique

I write from the heart to soothe my wounds and yet you keep me looking for another avenue
My outlet is unsatisfying as I yearn to find the completeness…
The complacency to continue on this journey with a clear head and a strong heart
What are you doing to me?
Let me find the peace I need
Let me utilize my therapy
But please don’t leave….
I know how confusing this may be
How complicated it surely is
But I need you
I want you
I yearn for you to be here and to be what I need
And still I’m begging you to let me return to my life before you
Because it was easier
Life was clear
But now that you have ruined me for anyone and anything else I need you to fix it
Fix this uncertainty
Make my head clear and my heart unbreakable
Set my mind at ease
Be what I need you to be or don’t be anything at all
Love me when I’m difficult and suffer through my misfortunes
Because whether I want you here or want you gone
The one constant is you
You’re vital to my equation
And the hardest equation to solve is the fact that I wish I never met you,
And I hate that I love you…
You’ve become my own personal Catch-22
Because I am nothing without you…
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