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Blondie’s Lipstick What was the inspiration behind the name John Doe Bow?
Marc The name John Doe Bow Ties came from the idea that my customers are that mysterious person that everyone wants to know because their style is so impeccable.
BL What made you decide to create a clothing line?
M I am a business major, and as a business major we are required to dress in business attire everyday, and wanting to incorporate my own style into my business wear I decided to make a bow tie for myself. When I wore it, a lot of people complimented me and told me that I should pursue making bow ties.
BL Describe your line’s style? Who are you targeting?
M I have a wide range that I am targeting! My line is for men, women, old and young, anyone that wants to look stylish in a bow tie! Inside our line we have different collections that vary from a rocker vibe with leather and studs to floral pattern and polka dots. Yes, I am always looking to expand my brand!
BL Where do you all get the inspiration for your line? Are customers able to assist in the designing process?
M I take inspiration from everyday life! I love to look at nature, photos, outfits, upcoming trends and interpret them into a wearable bow tie. Yes I love working with customers to translate their vision into a custom bow tie.
BL What can we expect to see in your line?
M John Doe Bow Ties is filled with fun chic patterns and some of the latest fall trends such as leopard print, and polka dots.
BL Will your line be released seasonally or whenever creativity sparks you?
M Whenever creativity sparks! I do have some set collections, but I also want to do a few mini collections from things that I find inspirational. I also have a few spur of the moment bow ties for times that I see something and just have to create something.
BL Is John Doe Bow just a hobby or would you turn this into a career?
M I would LOVE to turn John Doe Bow into a full fledged career. Its not so much about the fame, but I do want to be comfortable and doing something that I love instead of being stuck in a 9-5 job.
BL Could we expect more than bow ties in the future from John Doe Bow?
M I am always looking for ways to expand my brand, I have dabbled into making some other garments for myself, but I guess we will just have to wait and see what the future holds!
BL How can people purchase their own signature John Doe Bow?
M If you would like a signature John Doe Bow, you can visit us at! We have online shopping as well as section you can put in a custom order all on the website!
BL Tell us something readers should know about you or your brand.
M I feel like that anyone can wear a bow tie, even if you have never worn a bow tie, John Doe Bow can be customized to each individual’s personality!

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