interview by Kaydee
 Zone Luchiano
Hardwork and dedication are the keys to success and qualities that Zone Luchiano hasbecome very familiar with.  He not onlyhas his foot in the door of music as an artist but also as a businessman.  He believes that working with the partners ofhis company TruWorkz will benefit those who want to have a career in thisindustry.  Coming from a family of sevenand working with his family says a lot about his character! He’s driven toaccomplish his goals and says that “It’s never about money…I respect the hustleof others”.  Blondie’s was able to havethe opportunity to explore his mind and gain personal access to where he’s goingin life!
NameZone Luchiano
Age 24
ResidesDecatur, GA
Classification Rapper/Businessman
Blondie’s Lipstick Where did the name TruWorkz originate from and tell us more aboutit.
Zone Luchiano  My cousin and I sat down and went over acouple of names and ultimately picked TruWorkz. The name simply comes from the meaning of working hard, we always saywe’re about business and it’s a unique way to describe us.
BL      Yousay your goal is to have a promotion company as far as photography, studio, andmodels; what are you doing to head in that direction?
ZL      As of right now I’m really just working on each section of thecompany. Currently we’re working on photography, we have over ten models. Wealso work closely with Pure Beauties. We’re taking everything step by step sothat we can get things done right the first time around.
BL      Youalso mentioned that the idea would be to go to different schools targetingstudents on campus, what schools have you already reached out to?
ZL      Reaching to others schools deals with another section of thebusiness which is called CollegeStarz ENT. This is our street team which includes models that are willing to rideout with us to various college campuses. We’ve been to Fort Valley, WestGeorgia, and GPC [Decatur Campus].
BL      What type of people are you looking for tojoin your team?
ZL      I’m looking for really cool people who are able to communicatewith all types of people. Basically we’re looking well-rounded individualsabout business…not thugs.
BL      As an artist and businessman, what is yourmain goal?
ZL      My main goal is to eventually sign to someone, preferably Def Jamand have a business so that I can make money of my own supporting myself.
BL      Who or what has influenced you?
ZL      I really pay attention to my dad because he’s a businessman andhe’s taught me a lot about being a man and handling business.  As far as rappers Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Styles,etc…
BL      What keeps you on track to reaching yourgoals?
ZL      The motivation and the urge to supportmyself.
BL      Whatshould our readers know about you and your company who may want to join yourpromotion team?
ZL      We’re a team of businessmen but also a family, so anyoneinterested has to be a person who’s trying to reach the same goals as the team.
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