written by Nique

I thought of you….
When I was going throughmy worst
In the heart of mystorm
And at the eye of my victory
I thought of you….
Our experiences have beenembedded in my memory
And are at my beckon callon my lowest days
It’s a very simpleconcept…
You make me happy
Your presence calms me andyour voice is my reassurance that my troubles are worth it
So I think of you when I’mdown, because you lift me up
I recall our nights wherewe make love….
Where no words areexchanged
Because our bodies speakfor us and engage in the most intimate conversation
I recall the days where wetalk like we’re old friends
Sharing stories and laughsand experiences that have led us to each other
And I think about ourtherapy sessions
Where we confide ourdeepest secrets and innermost thoughts
And I revel and bask inour deep connection because no one has it better
You inspire my soul
You awaken my senses
And you ignite feelings inme that I didn’t know existed
So I think of you when I’mgoing through my worst
I think of you in theheart of my storm
And I think of you in theeye of my victory
Because my end goal is you
And any path that leads methere, no matter how difficult it may be
Is a path worth taking

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