written by Kaydee
Theother woman isn’t always the villain
Thisis how she is portrayed
Maybeshe was there first
Whenit all began
Justsimple friends
That’swhat they screaming
Downass Bitch”
Whilehe steady scheming
Withhope for a chance to feel
Feelsomething real
Sheplays her position
Prayingtime will reveal
Thathe will finally see
Thatthe other woman is the missing link in his life
Buteverybody knows
Theother woman will never be his wife
Whenshe finally discovers nothing will come of this
Shethinks to herself:
Iwished more happiness for us
whenall we shared was lust.
Givingme hope to false words
nowit’s impossible for me to trust.”
Theother woman has a story to tell
Whichno one cares to hear
Facingreality for some
Seemsto always spark fear
Theother woman
Couldbe you
Oryour friend
Charactersin his playful life
Astory that never ends.

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