by The Blonde One
It’s that time of year ladiesand gents!!- Time to put away the sandals, shorts, sundresses and t-shirts andbring out the boots, long sleeves, scarves. But before you stow away yoursummer goodies, here’s some ways to get a couple more weeks out of that summergear.
Not ready to put away thetank and summer shorts?
Remember, the smart way todress during the unpredictable cold months is always in layers, that way you’realways comfortable. Add a pair of tights underneath your shorts to update youroutfit for fall.

For a more eye-catching effect use a bright hue opposite ofyour tank [color blocking] to boost your mood on a dreary fall day. Finally completethe look with a blazer and chunky jewelry. (this look also works with yourshort skirts)

Men typically don’t get coldas fast as women so they can hang on to the shorts a little bit longer, but atthe same time you don’t want your outfit to say “middle of June” when it’s the firstday of November! Instead of your flip flops with your shorts, opt for a unique pair of high topsneakers. 
If your shorts are cargo, scrap the tank top and add a lightweight long sleeve t; 

if your shorts are flat front, choose high top converse and a long sleeve henley.
Still hangin on to thatfavorite short sleeve t?
Ladies and Fellas:
You don’t have to box up thet’s as soon as the first leaf of Fall drifts to the ground. Hell, even when thefirst snowflake falls! Short sleeve t’s are actually all weather shirts of youknow how to transition them. For Fall grab a light cardigan or blazer to go ontop, then as the days get cooler add a solid long sleeve shirt to your ensembleor choose thicker outerwear. 


REMEMBER: Fashion is in the eye of the beholder and style is unique to each individual! Now raid your closet and have fun with it!!

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