MakeUp Artist/ Entrepreneur
Safia Michelle  
of Orlando, FL

Senior Makeup Director and Editor in Chief of Lipstick Mixtapes


Interviewed by The Blonde One
Blondie’s Lipstick What was the inspiration behind the name Lipstick Mixtapes?
Lipstick MixtapesAt the time it was just a matter of coming up with a cool namesomething that would stand out, and identify the brand as something to do withmakeup (lipstick) and mixtape (something underground and that everyone wantedto hear and know about!)
BL What made you decide to become a makeup artist?
LM Iwas a PA on a reality show called Pop Stars in Chicago, and I saw the MakeupArtist and Hair Stylist making up the judges and it was being televised. Ithought to myself “This is cool, I want to make people look good for the cameraand then sit back and drink coffee all day” 🙂
BL Where do you get the inspiration for your work?
LMThe inspiration usually comes from a desire to see something new. I like to seeand experience new things so that’s what I want people to feel and notice whenthey see my work.

BL Do you specialize in any specific type of makeup?
LMYes I do, I specialize in Beauty so I guess that would be under the natural andglam category.  I do a lot of film andmost of the time the director wants the talent to look like amped up versionsof themselves. Most my clients and projects revolve around some sort of beautyidea so that’s what I do the most. I hope to start to do more avant garde thingswaiting for the right project.
BL When a client chooses LipstickMixapes what can they expect?

LMWhen you work with LM a client can expect professionalism;I’m really big on respect for everyone involved in the project. Doing thingsright the first time, I hate having to re-shoot.  And Great work,
There used to be a time when I would work really fast toget the model in front of the camera because makeup and hair is always blamedfor running late, but I have gotten much more comfortable in my skills and nowI do things deliberately and efficiently which makes the work I do more onpoint and look spectacular.

BL Is this a hobby for you or is it your career?
LM This is definitely My Career
BL What is the price range for your services?
LMPrices are $50 to $500 full day rate
BL Is a makeup line a possibility in the future of Lipstick Mixtapes?
LMYes! With a name like LipstickMixtapes one of the other has to eventually come and I don’t rap: )
BL Anything else you want readers to know about Lipstick Mixtapes?
LM Lipstick Mixtapes is innovative; it’smakeup artistry and service on a higher level.
It’s thinking about the project or customer and knowingwhat they want out of products and services and delivering every time.

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