by Nique


A gaping hole ofemptiness…
That is what youleft me with….
All of the years
All of thelaughs
And that’s all Ihave to show for it…
I was just youroption
While yourchoice took her time to be what you needed
I was yoursecond best
While you waitedfor your first to realize you were even alive
It’s funnythough, isn’t it?
And a littleironic
That I wasalways everything you wanted
But still notquite enough
The worstfeeling in the world is loving someone who loves someone else
I now know thatpain…
I feel itstabbing at my heart with every breath I take
I wake up cryingbefore I even open my eyes in the mornings
And it hasn’tstopped before I lay my head down to rest at night
You continued to take what I offered becauseit soothed your wounds
Yet you threw itback in my face the moment she said, “I’m ready for you”
I’ve been ready
I’ve beenwaiting
Yet again, Iwasn’t enough to satisfy you
I’m heartbroken
And I’mdevastated…
I mourn for thepotential of what “we” could’ve been
I mourn for whatwe were
And I mourn forwho you are now
Because withher, you’re never happy
And because youdecided to settle for less
You’ll get lessthan you deserve
And so I’llsettle for this pain
I’ll work my waythrough it
And I’ll learnmy lesson
Because the dayyou realize your mistake
Will be one dayafter I realized mine

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