When he knows I’mhaving a bad day, he calls just to tell me he loves me
At night, when Ican’t sleep, he wakes up to talk to me until he hears my deep breathing
If I cry, he holds myhand and wipes my tears
And when I hold himin a tight embrace, he looks at me and tells me that he’s not going anywhere…
It’s the best feeling
Because not only do Ihear his words when he tells me
But I can feel hislove all around me
On any given day….
At any given time….
Counting the minuteson the clock before he’s set to come over
Feels like forever
There’s anelectricity that runs through me when I know he’s near
The hairs on my neckstand at attention and my heart begins to beat faster
I wonder if he feelsit too…
It gets stronger thecloser he is
And right before heopens my door
My whole body feelslike it’s on fire
And when our eyes meet,the intensity I see in his answers my question for me
He feels it too
Before he utters aword, he takes me in his embrace as if I’m his lifeline
And kisses me likehis life depends on it…and all I can focus on…
All I can see is him
In the words of LeoBuscaglia,
“Love is Life. And if you miss love, you miss life”
This is the truest form of living
And he does this for me
He is my love
He gives me life…

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